Currawong Manor is a mystery novel set amongst the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia at a historic homestead with an unsettling past. When Elizabeth is called to photograph her ancestors home for a new book, she is curious to learn her family history, and get to know more about her grandfather Rupert, a famous artist who mysteriously disappeared one day, never to be seen again. Mystery and tragedy seem to surround the Partridge family, who have experienced more than their fair share of grief and controversy. In fact, the whole house seems cursed, or so it is rumoured to be by the locals who have long inhabited the area.

Her mother will not speak of the past and Elizabeth is ardent about discovering more about her family and this famous artist, whom she feels she inherited her artistic ability from. Perhaps biting off more than she can chew, she sets off to Currawong Manor to meet the last remaining muse of her grandfather, and find out the missing links to her history. Little does she know she is getting more than she ever bargained for.

Currawong Manor is an intriguing Australian mystery novel with enough interesting twists and turns to nearly give you motion sickness. An enjoyable read that keeps you guessing.

“A creative gift cannot be ignored – if you do ignore it, you deny your very existence. We are not where we are born to, or the circumstances of our lives. We are our own longings, our own triumphs and our failures – and we make our own fate.”

Josephine Pennicott, Currawong Manor

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