I decided to revisit a story of my childhood by reading Playing Beatie Bow, written by none other than the late and esteemed Ruth Park (1977 Miles Franklin award winner for novel Swords and Crowns and Rings). I can still remember watching the film version in primary school and it set in my memory so well I still think of Beatie when I traipse the streets of historic Millers Point and The Rocks. Returning to Beatie Bow as an adult reading a children’s book did not disappoint. The story written in 1980 captures a lot about life, love, morals and growing up, showing that some life hurdles remain the same no matter what generation you are living through. Far from being a cliche children’s book, Playing Beatie Bow is a rare and endearing story. Abigail ,the protagonist, represents a strong female character that is unique, real and flawed. Playing Beatie Bow belongs in every child’s book collection and the specially designed limited edition hardcover is something I will be hanging on to for years to come.

You can find this edition as part of a series of Australian children’s classic books released by Penguin.